The holidays threw a little wrench in my schedule, but the photos from the December 13th session of Dr. Sketchy’s are finally done and in my gallery.  The lovely Lauren Marleaux was our model for the evening, who gave us a little Steampunk and a little From Russia With Love.


My final assignment for school – direct mail ad.  Again the subject matter was completely open, it just had to be tasteful.  I decided my first idea didn’t fall into that one requirement, so I came up with this and am quite pleased.  My instructor liked it quite a bit as well and agreed with the sentiment.  This is a double-sided tri-panel piece that folds up.



This was a recent school assignment.  The goal was to design a poster based on a grid.  I chose the Golden Ratio Spiral.  The subject matter for the poster was completely open, the first thing I thought of was a theater poster.  Recreating the Hippodrome’s sign in Illustrator was fun.

This was my template…

The photos from our October 25th Halloween-themed session are now in my gallery.  Our model for the evening was Viola Van Wilde, who became more and more zombified as the evening progessed.

The photos from the Oct. 11th session of Dr. Sketchy’s are now in my gallery.  Our model for the evening was the always entertaining Paco Fish.

Completed another assignment for school.  The lecture was an overview of 20th century art movements.  We needed to select one and design a postage stamp.  The challenge was keeping in mind the size the finished product would be.

The photos from the September 27th session of Dr. Sketchy’s are now in my gallery.  Our model for this session was Zna.Queene, the vocalist of the electro-pop group LAZERBITCH.

The photos from the September 13th session of Dr. Sketchy’s, with Marla Meringue, are now in my gallery.

I went to Orlando for this year’s Star Wars Celebration and had an awesome time.  I posted an album with all my photos over at Photobucket.

I missed the July 26th session of Dr. Sketchy’s…the first session I missed in almost two years…because I was on a plane coming home from the San Diego Comic-Con.  Dr. Sketchy’s has become such a constant in my life, I missed not being there.  So it was nice getting behind the camera again for last night’s session to take pictures of the lovely Roma Mafia.  All the photos from last night can be found, as always, in my gallery.

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